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I got my first covid19 vaccine y’all! Yes, yes, your girl got the arm pokes at the Walgreens. Naturally, I had to go to Walgreens since I am the unofficial Walgreens brand ambassador (if you don’t know, I have an obsession with Walgreens and have made friends with the workers at my local one and all of my friends make fun of my love for it). Now, look, I do not know how you feel about vaccines, but do your research. There is science behind this. And history to show the effectiveness of vaccinations. I am sure you have your reservations, and I do too, but at the end of the day this is about the health and safety of ourselves, our loved ones, and for the greater good. I have suffered a lot of loss during this pandemic. And I pray you have not, and you can just learn vicariously through those of us that have the importance of getting this virus under control.

I’m slightly obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizon (ACNH). Not gonna lie. It’s pretty much the only video game I play right now, besides Need For Speed (but that one requires timed racing so it is hard to set down and really play it). What I love about ACNH is that it is slow paced, so I can put it down and pick it up without missing anything, and when you have a toddler that is a must-have. I have two islands (don’t judge me). One of the islands is under construction, but it includes the gay club you see in the main picture of this post. The other island I have turned into sort of a little Mexico with a pan dulce bakery, a large church, a flea market, and Mexican food stands.

If you want to be my ACNH homie on the game so we can visit each other and send each other island gifts, email me your Nintendo Switch friend code: teddyx@pcktcndy.com

Peanut’s Playground: Peanut is getting so big! Long legs and curly hair all over the place. She is still very much into the Trolls World Tour movie, so for Easter I bought her a Poppy Build-a-Bear with a Tiny Diamond accessory. This doll is almost her size but we have had a lot of fun dancing to the songs with the new toys. And yes, I am aware that Easter hasn’t happened but I can’t resist giving my Tiny Diamond Peanut her new toys and presents when they arrive.

In order Peanut news, we have begun going on walks around the neighborhood without the stroller. So she puts on her little shoes and we walk around practicing not walking on people’s lawns, staying on the sidewalk, and not touching icky things. Of course there have been a few missteps here and there, but overall she has been doing a great job! I am so proud of how well she has behaved walking on the sidewalk and even holding my hand, but I am also so nervous.

What to watch: So here’s the tea, y’all know I am not a fan of Olivia Coleman. She has completely put me out of the royal fantasy on The Crown, but I decided I was intrigued enough in the story in the series Broadchurch, that I was willing to overlook my dislike for her. It is a drama that is a bit hard to swallow because of the subject-matter. It is about two detectives investigating the murder of a young boy. At first it seems cut and dry by there ends up being a lot of twists and turns that keep it interesting and unexpected. The episodes are an hour-long and there are a total of three seasons (which I read was intentional as the show was meant as a trilogy). All three seasons are available on Netflix.

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There’s a new episode of Pckt Cndy Podcast and it is HILARIOUS! In the latest episode, we discuss Mormonism. What it is, how it is displayed in television and pop culture, and David’s experience with it. It sounds boring discussing religion but the stories he tells me about his experiences are WILD, y’all! Plus there’s a lot of ridiculous commentary by yours truly, so please check it out!

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