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My precious fur babies…

I want to start off by setting the scene. I hope you will appreciate my dedication to blogging to you… Picture it. Friday night. 8pm. I’m blogging to you live from under a pile of pillows Peanut has put on me after cutting some real stinky farts. I’m the victim of a vicious dutch oven attack… but I remain devoted to doing this…

In other news, it has been a fur baby focused week! This week we observed Denim Day which is a day where people wear denim in honor and awareness of sexual assault victims.

“Denim Day grew out of a 1998 Italian Supreme Court decision that overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore tight jeans.”

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

So the half baked logic behind the over turn was that since the jeans were tight, she would have had to voluntarily take them off which implied consent. I know you are as annoyed and offended by this as I am. So Professor Walter, Charlie Brown, and myself, wore denim.

My current episode of Teddy Untitled is about my fur babies! I only just realized there was a strong theme to the week. What can I say, work has been draining me of my brain cells – but in a good way – being very challenging.

This week’s mini podcast talks about how Professor Walter saved my life and how he basically hates everyone and everything. It’s a quick easy listen so I hope you check it out!

And to finish off our theme, I, of course, had to provide more pics of the boys!

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